Kyiv Fantastic Orchestra


Let us introduce ourselves. Kyiv Fantastic Orchestra is a new name of the musical ensemble, well-known in Ukraine and abroad.

Our first performance took place thirty nine years ago - in nineteen seventy nine. That’s when State Academy Orchestra for Symphony and Pops took the stage and became a legend.


Through the years The Orchestra worked with performers, composers, conductors, who created tradition of Ukraine’s contemporary music. Opera celebrities Dmytro Hnatiuk, Anatoliy Kocherha, Anatoliy Mokrenko, Anatoliy Solovyanenko, Yevgenia Miroshnychenko, Yuriy Bohatykov, Valentyn Pyvovarov, Ivan Ponomarenko, Lidiya Zabilyasta; Pop stars Sophia Rotaru, Mykola Mozhovyi, Ivan Popovych, Nazariy Yaremchuk, Vasyl Zinkevych, Nina Matviyenko with us performed their arias and songs, which stated musical standard of Ukrainian culture.  Popular performers Pavlo Zibrov, Femiy Mustafayev, Victor Shportko, Lilia Sandoulessa, Zhanna Bondarchuk started their musical carrier in our Orchestra.  


Since late 80-ies till 2005 The Orchestra had been directed by honored musician Victor Zdorenko, who learned his artistry from outstanding conductors Mykola Kolessa and Vadym Hniedash. In stormy years of recession The Orchestra retained artistic capacity and built up. It successfully toured in many countries: The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, South Korea, France and Poland;  worked with remarkable conductors Peeter Saul (Estonia), Elio Boncompagni (Austria),  Lukas Reinitzer (Switzerland), Carlo Freeze, Domenico Bartolucci, R.Capasso (Italy), Dwight Bennet (Canada), Armando Krieger (Argentina), Hans Nagel, Pierre-Dominique Panel (Germany), Taras Krysa (USA).


In two-thousands The Orchestra co-hosts many popular shows and guest performances of world’s musical celebrities: composer and pianist Michel Legrand, Opera Celebrities Jose Carreras, Montserrat Caballe, Alessandro Safina, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, lead singers of “Notre Dame De Paris” musical and “Mozart” rock-opera.


In recent years The Orchestra’s been giving concerts in Kyiv’s top music venues: “Ukraina” palace, National Philharmonic Hall, performing on Kyiv Music Fest, HOHOLFest, Christmas fair on Sofiyska Square, Days of Kyiv, taking part in “Battle of Orchestras” show, musical contests and gigs. Our most popular latest  projects  – “Metallica” and “Barcelona” cover-shows, impressive “Rock-symphony” performance, in which The Orchestra played symphony version of legendary hits. Ukrainian Pop celebrities Ruslana Lyzhychko, Jamala, Olexandr Ponomariov, Tina Karol, Asia Akhat and Pianoboy performed on stage and recorded their hits with our Orchestra.


Our trademark is to perform in different genres: academy classics and contemporary symphonies, popular music and stylish jazz, cinema scores and cover versions of rock hits. Today The Orchestra performs in several instrumentations: as Chamber ensembles, Jazz Band, Big Band, Chamber and big Symphony Orchestra. Our next ambition is integrating symphony and electronic, and experimenting with other latest trends.    


As usually, best artists play with us today. Our musicians are talented and skillful professionals, which won applauses in many countries throughout the World. Today new generation of leaders guard our best traditions. Among them – honored conductor and artist Mykola Lysenko-Junior, brilliant violinist and art promoter Myroslava Kotorovych, distinguished Jazz musicians Ihor Dyachenko and Ihor Chernov.    


In new season we’ll astonish our audience with new faces, impressive shows, surprising stage presentations and even with our new name! The Orchestra with legendary story and fantastic ideas – it’s Kyiv Fantastic Orchestra!


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